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Crystal Beach

Thinking Niagara...Discover Crystal Beach!

Discover Caribbean rated sandy beaches, the cool, clear waters of Lake Erie, wonderful dining options and watersport opportunities galore...all in Crystal Beach, Ontario.

Crystal Beach has long been one of Fort Erie's favorite tourist attractions, drawing thousands throughout the summer months from across Niagara, Western New York and as far as the Greater Toronto Area - as more and more discover Crystal Beach's charms.

Come for the afternoon, the day or an extended stay, and enjoy all that the area has to offer, including countless special events and functions throughout the summer tourist season.

Go for a swim, lounge on the white sand, sail around Point Abino Bay, fish or take in a cool drink on one of the areas many restaurant patios.

Safari Niagara

Fort Erie and Niagara's newest and wildest tourism attraction. Offering more than 100 acres of parkland,Safari Niagara is home to some of the planet's most interesting and exotic animals.

Enjoy a leisurely walk, or take the trolley through this mystical habitat of animals and modern art. The all day Safari Niagara experience offers you interactive educational displays, art exhibits, family fun area, children's playground, a splash pad, restaurant facilities, picnic area, walking path, rest areas, gift shop and a personal encounter with the world's most magnificent and exotic animals.

Located at 2821 Stevensville Road in Stevensville, Safari Niagara is easily accessible from theQueen Elizabeth Way(via Sodom Road exit) and Highway 3 (via Stevensville Road)

Historic Sites

The Greater Fort Erie area has a rich and colorful history that can be traced back over 12,500 years.

Fort Erie, the local site of the War of 1812, is one of the most significant historic landmarks in the area. Fort Erie saw considerable action in the War of 1812 including the capture of two American ships, the 'Ohio' and the 'Somers'. Fort Erie plays an integral role in presenting Canada's history to visitors from around the world in its capacity as a museum, living history site and memorial park. Phone 905-871-0540 for more information.

The "Olde Fort" offers a taste of life during the War of 1812. Battle reenactments take place during the summer drawing thousands of visitors and participants to Olde Fort Erie and the Ridgeway Battlefield Site.

Black history is an important part of the Town's history. The Niagara Frontier was a main route used by fugitive slaves fleeing to Canada. Fort Erie's border location across from Buffalo made the Town an important station on the Underground Railroad. A few prominent members of the black community settled in this region including Josiah Henson, immortalized in Harriet Beecher Stowe's classic novel Uncle Tom's Cabin. W.E.B DuBois initiated the Niagara Movement here laying the foundation for the NAACP. There were three main areas settled by black immigrants: Little Africa, Bertie Hill and Snake Hill

Niagara Falls

Crystal Beach Motel is just 20 minutes away from the Niagara Falls. Once you've had a chance to see the American and Horseshoe Falls from the sidelines, getting up close is a must. Hornblower Niagara Cruises takes visitors on a boat ride tour to the foot of the Falls for a wet and wild view of the 13-story falls from below. A completely different sensation, Journey Behind the Falls sounds like thunder as you descend to tunnels that travel to Observation Decks literally behind the falls. In winter, it is a sight to behold, as the mist freezes into beautiful formations. Get some fresh air at the boardwalk on the edge of the Niagara whitewaters - the White Water Walk or head over in the evening for a different view of the Falls with the nightly illuminationand seasonal Falls fireworks - head up Skylon Tower for a perspective unlike any other. The sheer array of adventures make the Falls a memorable destination for an Ontario Canada vacation.


Fort Erie Historical Museum
402 Ridge Road, Ridgeway, Ontario. 
Phone: (905) 894-5322 
Web site:

Located in the historic building that formerly served as Bertie Township Hall, the Fort Erie Historical Museum is dedicated to preserving and presenting local history through permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as a publicly accessible archive. Temporary Exhibitions: Friend, Foe, FIRE!: Life in Fort Erie during the War of 1812; Regency Clothing: What Fort Erie was Wearing in 1812. The Museum's gift shop features publications and other merchandise related to local history topics. The Museum is open 9am - 5pm, Sunday through Friday, September to June and daily in July and August. Admission by donation.


Fort Erie Railway Museum:
400 Central Ave., Fort Erie, Ontario
Phone: (905) 894-5322 
Web site:

Visitors are invited to step back in time and experience the romance and the reality of the railway era, examining the exhibitions housed in the waiting room of Ridgeway Station, or exploring the station's telegraph office. Those seeking a little more adventure can explore the interior of the 1944 CN 79138 caboose or climb into the engine cab of 6218, the last steam engine to carry passengers along the rails in Canada. Railway memorabilia and historic books are available in the gift shop located in the historic BI, Bridgeburg Historic District. The Fort Erie Railroad Museum is open daily, 9am – 5pm, from Victoria Day through Labour Day. The Museum is located at 400 Central Avenue, Fort Erie, Ontario. Admission by donation.

Point Abino Lighthouse

The Point Abino Lighthouse is located on the rocky north shore of Lake Erie, in Fort Erie. It was constructed in 1918 by the Department of Marine and Fisheries, in response to increased traffic at the east end of Lake Erie. It is located between the high and low water marks on the rocky shoreline of Point Abino. The concrete Lighthouse is recognized for its unusual shape, classical detailing, and efficiency of structural design. The Lighthouse consists of three structures: the deck, tower and fog alarm building.

Fort Erie Race Track

Fort Erie Race Track is home to the Second Jewel in the Canadian Triple Crown. Every Summer crowds converge on the Border Oval to take in the excitement of live thoroughbred racing, but the crowds really swell when the majesty of Canada's premier horses take to the stage and compete for one of racing's most sought after prizes.

Friendship Trail

The Friendship Trail extends 16 kms across the Town of Fort Erie, running parallel to the north shore of Lake Erie. Beginning at the Port Colborne border in the west, this relaxing and picturesque trail takes visitors through lush farmland, quaint villages, pristine watersheds, and quiet residential areas as it leads to historic Old Fort Erie, Lake Erie and the Niagara River Recreation Trail .


Much of the trail is located upon an abandoned rail line, meaning it is relatively level and smooth - an easy ride for children and adults alike. The trail is used by walkers, hikers, cyclists and rollerbladers in the summer, and hikers andcross-country skiers in the winter. Of course, the trail is also wheelchair accessible.


Providing views of the Buffalo Skyline on the horizon, the Friendship Trail extends 17 km east across picturesque Six Mile Creek and through quiet residential streets as it leads to historic Old Fort Erie, waterfront parks along Lake Erie and the Niagara River Recreation Trail beyond. The majority of the trail is relatively level and smooth, making it easy walking and riding for children and adults alike.

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